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I’m Charity, and I am a working dominatrix in Miami despite the fact that I just turned 18 a few months ago. I could have gone to college, but fuck that boring shit. By the time I was old enough to go out on my own, I knew exactly how I wanted to live my life, through Domination phone sex.

I (and you) have my dear sweet Daddy to thank for who I am today. My mom died when I was very young, and soon after puberty I became daddy’s wife, daughter and mistress all in one. He taught me how to dominate a man, what the term “ultimate humiliation” really means. He loved to be sissified and feminized in so many ways; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had him dressed up in pretty, frilly little dresses, his face painted up like a cheap whore, taking a big strap on deep up his ass. (I love Humiliation phone sex too!)

Now that I’m a professional dominatrix, I’ve found that more than anything else I love married men and men with girlfriends. Why, you may ask? Well, when I get done breaking their pathetic little asses, I take it to the next level, make them be my accomplice by helping me abduct their wife or snatch up their girlfriend. Want me to take her by force right in front of you, you tied down helplessly? Fucking her is just the beginning, lover. You won’t believe the exquisite torture I have planned for the bitch. She can scream as loud as she wants. No one will be able to hear her down in my playroom.

What am I like when I’m not working? Well, as you might imagine being a dominatrix can make you very jaded when it comes to men, but every once in a while … every once in a while I meet a man so strong and dominant that my submissive side comes out. I never knew that side of me existed until a high school teacher of mine finally tamed me and made me behave like so many other whimpering teen sluts before me, choking on his cock and taking it deep up my tight little teen asshole; he took my anal virginity and that of a lot of other girls as well.

I’ve recently added Fetish phone sex to my repertoire of services. After all, I know not all men can make it down to Miami no matter how badly they might want to. But if you’re looking for a teen domme – or if you think you’re man enough to make me submit to you – look for me in our chat room or just call. Even if you don’t see me in chat, that doesn’t mean I won’t have a few minutes between clients for some filthy, naughty phone fun.

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