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Hey my name is Charisma and I want to tell you a little about me! Well for starters I am a preachers daughter and love spreading the word almost as much as I love spreading my lips, see your dirty mind went into the gutter, my lips in prayer silly.

Also I truly believe all women should be humble to men, as GOD made them superior and we came from man, we are here to serve him. So I am delighted when I get the opportunity to show my skills, and prove my worthiness, my ability to be completely subservient without question is an honor.

See they named me Charisma, because I have always been outgoing and will try anything once, but to say I was sheltered from all this sexuality in the world would be an understatement. Most the time you can find me leading prayer groups, candy stripping for seniors, or being a librarian’s assistant during holidays.

However my dad sent me away to University, and when I found a boy I really liked I had phone sex before marriage, and my mother and father came by for a visit on my private off campus residence, and busted me losing my phone sex virginity.

So after sending in all these applications online, someone pointed me in the direction of being an ebony phone sex girl, since I am a : naturally submissive, ethnic phone sex female they said I could make enough money to really get ahead.

Well I am very submissive and crave a dominant, strong man to guide me, since daddy will not even accept my calls anymore.

Something really special is I just love lingerie phone sex modeling, and taking pictures! Never having worn lingerie or stockings this is a whole new world, and the six inch heels, are so WOW amazing. Maybe you can help train me, and show me all the fun I have been missing out on for so long.

Call me sometime, I am a good student, but since I got to see what my body made men do to me, I have teased so many guys. Most of them I left with blue balls, but some really special guys just took charge and made me totally submit to their dominant phone sex ways.

Oh I just can not wait to get you in my ear, and hear what turns you on, to have you control my every move, train me to be your humble phone sex slave. Do you think you can help show me, how fun my interracial phone sex fantasies can be, I would love to learn from you. Oh Please, I need structure, I need controlled, I need you.

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