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I love a hot golden shower phonesex call with guys who are into peeing; I love it also, letting them hear me pissing into the toilet, or into a cup for them,I like them making me smell it, describing the odor and color and maybe see if they can make me taste it or dump it down myself while its still steamy and warm!

They can always tell when I’m masturbating while trying to piss because of the sound of the flow. Love to do it for you, imagining I am straddling your face and you’re drinking every drop of my salty fluid whilst I wank your hot horny cock. Do you enjoy giving, receiving or both? I would love to hear you too. Don’t worry this teen phonesex girl is very nasty with lots of real – life golden and brown shower experience!

I am into another unusual fetish as well, I love wearing bobby socks, and love to stick my feet right in your face – smell them, taste them, suck them and tell me how much you love my stinky gym socks right up in your face! Sock fetish phonesex is rare – but very fun! I went to the gym this morning – you ready?

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