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I’m Caroline, and you have NEVER met a bitchy Teen phone sex nympho like me. I was
literally born and raised to be one. You see, my mom – who was a kinky sex addict in her own right – left my dad when I was just a girl, and not long afterwards, I took her place as my dad’s sex partner. I know that’s not all that unusual – lots of daddies and daughters share sexy, naughty secrets together – but soon after my daddy took my virginity, he started teaching me how to be the perfect Daddy Daughter phone sex domme. As I came to find out, my mom was a domme and daddy was her little sissy subbie. He submitted to her every filthy whim – she was very much into forced feminization and sissification – and after she had used him in every way she could imagine, she got bored. That’s why she left. And soon “sweet little Caroline” took up right where she left off. In most families, I know that daddy is the boss over everyone, but not in our house.

I understand mom’s boredom, though, because now that I’ve gotten a little older I’ve felt it myself. That’s why I’ve started exploring kinky new avenues of sexual pleasure, both in terms of what I do and who I do it with. I am, as you might imagine, a very special “teacher’s pet” to several of my coaches, principals and teachers (including some closeted lesbians.) Unlike daddy, most of them like to take charge and I love letting go and letting them use and abuse me – fucking my mouth, making me deep throat their cocks, fucking me up the ass with their hard dicks (and strap ons in the case of the ladies.) Do you know how fucking hot it is to let go and be someone else’s submissive fuck toy after years of having to be the domme bitch all the time with your own father?

So that’s what I’m about. If you’re interested in hardcore Incest phone sex with a teen domme – or a completely submissive teen, for that matter – you should look me up in our free chat room. Better yet, cut to the chase, call, and ask for Caroline. Let’s hook up and make some perverted phone sex memories together.


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