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My life has been pretty easy, I excel at pretty much everything that I do. I am always winning awards and getting my name on a list. My parents are always pushing me to try something new to “broaden” my knowledge of things but I bet they had NO clue I would take their advise this far!

I have been a pretty “good girl” as far as my Extreme Fetish phone sex exploits but I am ready, willing and able to change that and become the best and most Hardcore phone sex operator out there! I have a year off right now – not starting college till sometime in mid 2013 so I have plenty of free time on my hands to “acquire” all the taboo fantasies you all may want to share!

I may also be pretty young but I am a fast learner and an very easy to talk to, so far I have done some really unusual fetishes on the phone sex lines like sneezing fetish’s, Ageplay phone sex stuff and even one guy who wanted me to fart on him, and there was a lot of things in between. I would like to know what your unusual fetish’s are…so gimmie a call real soon!


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