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bonnie0 Phone Sex GirlsI’m a classic story of Good Girl Gone Bad. My daddy is a preacher and I was always a pristine, immaculate daughter. My Sundays were spent at church and I had every intention of remaining virginal. But when I was about 12, I started to get these funny feelings inside me. Little tickles and aches that drove me crazy.I didn’t know where else to go but my daddy.

“Please daddy, my breasts are swollen and aching, please daddy, can you make them feel better?”

He helped himself to me and I loved it. I got so hot being daddy’s little fucktoy. I learned to take him in my mouth and let him inside my tightest places. But soon, he felt the guilt of the lord and kicked his slutty daughter (me!) out. I had nowhere to go but the city. I ended up on a corner selling my little self to anyone who could pay. And they paid and paid and paid.

Now that I’m 18 (barely legal!) I get to leave my repressed girlhood behind and explore all my urges.

Do you want to ageplay with a pristine, little daddy’s slut? My sweet, little voice will have your hard pedo cock dripping.

How about a bad-girl, teen-slut hooker who will submit to your every whim?

Would you like some assistance in getting your hands on those little ones you crave? I’m the best teen accomplice.

Little Miss Bossy Boots is when I am a tiny, baby-mistress. A pouting, foot stamping, hell-cat who will take charge, force,
humiliate and hurt. My giggle is mean. My look is cute. And my heart is cold.

If you want a naughty, pregnant teen with a swollen belly? I’m the kind that will beg you to fuck me hard and deep so you can splash come right up against my baby-to-be.

Revenge Sex Daughter is one of my favourites. You obey my orders to get at me. You’ll do whatever I say to get at my immature body. And I taunt and tease and destroy your cock.

Oh my pretty, perverted sissys you are always welcome here. Put on your sexiest panties and bring me your naughty holes. I will make sure you get what they deserve.

Come and get your little angel
or slut-baby devil,

Luv, Bonnie

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