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I am no sweet and innocent little girl anymore! Raised with a typical family life including church and family dinners I was soooo bored with my live, until I met this older man we had lots of Anal Phone Sex.   I was staying the night with a friend of my mothers while she was outta town we were talking about Incest Phone Sex when he started to molest me, but I really did enjoy it… I would find myself going over there a lot as he did more and more to my little virgin body.

One day – the turning point is when it was more then a Rape Phone Sex fantasy, he took his time and stretched and shoved until his meat was totally plunged into me.  I begged him to stop and he would just go a bit slower- not wanting to stop.  I am glad he did not because WOW – after the blood and pain it was an amazing feeling! Since that day anal has been my favorite of all sexual things!

Imagine my tight little ass ready for your hardness. I am here smearing my pussy juices all over it and want to have a horny teen anal phonesex fantasy with you while I plunge my huge dildo into my ass when you tell me too imagining that its your hot throbbing dick.

Hearing me screaming for you to stop, but you’re too hard and horny, pushing my face into the pillows as you rape my hole. Feeling the creaminess of your load shooting up into it, leaving me wet and gasping, gasping for more! Phonesex is a great way to lose your anal cherry.



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