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I look like the girl you saw walking in the park today, my denim mini-skirt barely covering my ass, my little pink panties peeking out when I bent over to tie my shoe. I’m the tease at work who won’t give you the time of day, the flirty niece sucking lollipops, the naughty college girl in line in front of you at the supermarket flipping my  hair over my shoulder. I am the Coed phone sex girl of your fantasies, the girl you think about when you stroke your cock, the girl who makes you hard with just a glance.

Maybe you would like to follow me down a dark alley or sneak into my bedroom at night. You’ve dreampt of holding me down while you have your way with my tight, sweet, pussy and my round ass. You imagine how my smooth silky skin would feel under your big hands while I struggle underneath you, begging you to stop, fear glistening in my eyes. You want to force your cock into me and feel my pussy get wet while I beg you to stop. You want to treat me like the bitch whore that you know I am. You want to have total control over me during our Rape Phone Sex.

You want to violate me & slap my pretty face and shove your cock down my throat, to feel me gag and choke before you shove your hard fat dick deep into my ass and force me to beg for more more more. You want to pull my long hair, to slap my face with your cock, to do anything you want to me. I’m the Abuse phone sex girl you want, you crave, you desire.


My Favorite Roleplays

  • Coed Phone Sex
  • Rape Phone Sex
  • Abuse Phone Sex
  • Torture Phone Sex
  • Extreme Roleplay Phone Sex

My Favorite Roleplays

  • No Taboos
  • Family Fun
  • Taboo Fantasies
  • Naughty college girls
  • Daddy-Daughter
  • Extreme Roles
  • Girl Next Door
  • Family Playtime

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