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Hi, I’m Barbie…

I am saying Bye Bye to my Sugar Daddy Ken and my Dreamhouse,… but not before I turned him into a pathetic little cuckold. ::giggles::

I am spoiled little princess, who knows what she wants and ALWAYS gets it.
I love Extreme Ageplay phone sex… incest… rape… beastiality… torture… snuff… I am a bratty princess… a giggly teen… a hyper tease… on me knees and ready to please. I am your purrfect accomplice.
I went back for my fluffy white puppy Riesling, …you must know how easy it is to lure a little girl into the woods after a lost puppy.
I am your picture purrfect eye candy, your dark, deviant, synical partner.
Do not let my cute name and face fool you, I am NOT the girl next door, I am the BITCH down the street. I am that HOMEWRECKING whore your Mommy’s warned you about.

How did I end up with Ken you ask :: snicker :: I used to babysit for him and his wife…. well that is until she walked in while he was burring his man meat in my ass while I road her son’s cock.
I have moved onto bigger and better things… Our neighbors 12 inch THICK BLACK COCK…
I am a hardcore and uncensored phone whore,… I am a Pedophile phone sex dream! Bring to me your hidden agenda and dirty secrets. Shall we go to the playground, lurk and the shadows while you pick your victim?
From a whimpering TEEN, to QUEEN of MEAN… I know what you want and I have what you need.
Or I can bring some BIG BLACK COCK phone sex to fuck your sissy ass with.


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