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`ashton0I’m Ashton,. Other girls my age are obsessed with makeup, clothes ,men and Iphones. Me, not so much.
I am a Very dark soul aching to share my sick twisted fantasies with you.
Growing up in Native American culture,my whole life was based on ritual and folklore. I became quickly enamored with all things dark, undead, abstract and taboo. I love to spend time with other like minds who enjoy nasty dirty things (Like EVERY BODILY FLUID.) I am a night owl, and its ALWAYS snowing here, even in the desert.;) Have a few drinks, a smoke or two and party with me all night long.

If you think no one could possibly enjoy and /or understand your unusual kink, look no further. I ONLY specialize in things that are sick , taboo, fucked up or supernatural. I get so turned on by things like Scat Play Phone Sex, Zoophilia Phone Sex, , Enemas, Golden Showers, Cannibalism, Asphyxiation, Hemophilia and other obscure secret taboos.

So, for no limits talk about your nasty dirty little fucking secrets that make your load blow your load harder than you thought possible, find me in our chatroom or call me now!

My Specialties Include

  • Succubus Phone Sex
  • Blood Play
  • Scat Play Phone Sex
  • Necrophilia
  • Cannibalism Phone Sex
  • Fetish Phone Sex
  • K9 Zoo and Farm Play Phone Sex
  • Menstrual Play

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