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april0Hey guys, I am April. I am a blond hair, blue eyed sex tramp that is waiting to make you melt. I love Ageplay phone sex. I am definitely a no limts teen. My hot shaven pussy is dripping wet and ready for pleasure. As you will get to know, I have always been a slut. I can get the attention of any man…I am always taking advantage of the elderly men, with their soft peckers. Even the high school boys that are all Pedo phone sex driven. But the one man that I love to take advantage of is my father. My mom never took care of him. So I always had to take care of him… Sucking and fucking him as he need it. My father taught me how to become a man’s Fuck slut. So if your interested in having your very own Fuck slut, call me and let’s get this Incest phone sex party started..


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  • Pedo Phone Sex
  • Incest Phone Sex
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