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annmarie0I am Ann Marie, i just graduated high school and ready to party for a bit untill I go off to college, I started out in Teen phone sex because a friend of mine kept daring me to do it. I started out hiding in my room while my parents were asleep whispering to random hot guys on the phone. Before long I joined this site and am addicted. I don’t have to whisper anymore though…I have my own place 😉

I must admit I’m bisexual, I like having sex with girls and guys. I do have a boyfriend who always gets a kick out of me fooling around with my best friend. She’s so hot and he knows it. I even told him that we could have a threesome. He was so turned on by the thought of having me licking her pussy.

If you’re ready to explore that side with me then join me in some Orgy phone sex. I really get off on Two Girl phone sex calls. You never know, my boyfriend or best friend might be over and u may hear a hot three way in action… check my blogs and if  were wanting to put on a show, we will let you know…or like I said two girl phone sex calls are just as hot. I love Fallen and Gabi from this site – Their pretty fucking hot on 2girl calls with me!

Ann Marie

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