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angie0Oh, I’m so glad that you’ve found me, a little Submissive phone sex slut like me should not be left to her own devices for too long, she needs a strong man like you to guide her. I’m nothing without you, nothing at all without the knowledge that you can use me, that I can please you, that you are satisfied.

I live to worship dominant men such as yourself. The ferocious, no-nonsense tone to your voice when you are speaking to me makes me feel totally weak and subservient, and you can tell, because just one second in your presence has me down on my knees, rubbing up against you like a kitten in heat. I’ve been such a bad girl, getting myself wet with thoughts of you playing with me like your very own little fuck toy. I try so hard to behave, but I’m so dirty, I often need a reminder of my place with you.

Consider yourself free to dictate your desires of me, from the trampy clothes that I wear to show off what a wanton whore I am to the nasty things that I do as per your instruction. Not an inch of my body is closed off to you, and I’ll do anything you say to prove it. My pleasure comes solely from your enjoyment of me. I’m a showoff little cunt and I’d love to be the plaything of your friends, too, to demonstrate all of the dirty behaviors that you have taught me. Everything I say I can do, I will do. I have so many toys to play with, I’m longing to use them to mimic exactly the filthy fucking and sucking that you need from me. I’d love to fulfill your needs and feel that explosive orgasm and know it was because of me. When it comes to turning on men, I especially love intricate, dark Roleplay phone sex. But, whatever mood you’re in, so am I.

Please, tell me…how would you like your Teen Phone Sex girl today, Sir?

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