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amanda0I am CoEd Amanda, your ultimate Teen phone sex student! I always want to get good grades, I do. But you see, I get so easily distracted. It is hard to stop and do all that studying when there are so many fun things to do everyday.

Luckily for me, I have always been good at one thing: Making men do what I want. The reality is, I am an incredible teen tease. I use my adorable smile, tight young body, and naughty mind to wrap my teachers around my fingers. As a matter of fact, Cock Tease phone sex is one of my favorite things! Yeppers, it rocks my socks!

But then again, I also do it at home with Daddy all the time! What Mommy doesn’t know won’t hurt her, now will it? I mean if Daddy wants to call me when I get off school to make sure I am ok, that’s so sweet! And if I have some Daddy phone sex with him to get him excited, that’s not so bad, is it? Especially since when I get home I plan on doing everything daddy wants. And Daddy always wants…always.

I also can do whatever YOU want! Simply pick up the phone and call me.


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