allison0I was a girl scout when I was just a little thing. I sold cookies door to door, and persuaded all the men in my neighborhood to buy boxes and boxes of delicious treats. It was then that I realized the power a pretty face has over the male sex, and I have used it to my advantage ever since. After that, I bullied boys into doing my homework (being perfectly capable of doing it myself), just to feel the rush of my power over them.
Nowadays, not much has changed. I still love to crack my whip and watch men shake and shudder. Submissive men are drawn to me, knowing a natural domme when they encounter one. From sensual torture to hardcore CBT, I love the different hues of domination. I love to hear whining, whimpering, pathetic men begging for mercy, or for “Another, please, Miss!” Nothing makes my perfect pussy more wet.
I especially love foot slaves. Feeling a wet, slick tongue between my toes sends a child right up between my thighs. That’s right, pet, don’t forget the heel and the sole. Keep sucking on that toe, darling, and my pussy juice just might run down my leg and into your mouth. If you’re REALLY lucky, I’ll slip on some stilettos and let you suck on the heel like it’s a cock in your mouth.
Call me if you dare, little puppy. And remember… I fight dirty.

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