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alley0Hi guys, I am Alley and people talk about how I am so cute. “Insatiable” is probably a lot closer to the truth, but there’s no doubt I do everything – boys, girls, dildos,  tongues, your fingers, my fingers – and I love doing EVERYTHING together with my best friend June too. We call ourselves the “nympho BFFs.” *giggles*

It started out innocently enough – Two Girl phone sex at a sleep over, they start to kiss and fondle one another, they take it farther and farther with each new encounter, etc. – but since we’ve gotten into high school, we’ve really taken it to the next level, both with each other and with the kinky shit we do together. We’ve really gotten into orgies in a big way; we joke that we’re the co-captains of the Varsity Gang Bang Squad School Girl Phone Sex. *giggles* We’ve also started cruising the black neighborhoods looking for the biggest ebony gangbanger cocks we can find. And we even … well, we even snatched this one girl from the park, took her back to June’s house (her parents were out of town and made the mistake of letting us stay there alone for a few days like “big girls” – *giggles) and we just tied that little bitch up and took turns on her all night long. At first, of course, she was screaming and begging us to stop, but once she got into it, she was a fucking NAUGHTY good little pussy licker.

We’ve gotten her to join us for several all-girl threesomes since then, and believe me, you never have to ask that fucking lesbo  slut twice. We love talking and bragging about all the dirty shit we do almost as much as we love doing it. That’s why we got into hardcore Fetish phone sex, so we can talk about our adventures and maybe even get some new ideas to try in real life. Got any suggestions, you fucking pervert? Betcha can’t shock us! *giggles*


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