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When I was young my Uncle taught me how to stretch my little fuck hole by using different objects in my room. Of course he made me start with my fingers. Hair brush, portable curling iron, candles, and traveling tooth brush carriers. Eventually he was fucking my pussy with his 8in cock driving it as beep as he could.

One day my brother caught us Incest phone sex fucking in the pool. He told my Uncle he would not tell if he could watch his little sister get fucked. Needless to say it didn’t stop there. I was the fuck toy they had for a long time. Bringing their friends over to do what they wished to me while they stroked each others cocks. Young bi-curious girls would come over just for me to lick and finger fuck their pussy. Hot MILFS with Pedo phone sex dreams would strap on their large cocks and laugh while I screamed!



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