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alba0Hey guys, I’m 19 years old and pregnant with my first baby and here I am doing Pregnant phone sex because baby daddy took off
when he found out I was preggo with his baby, shitty huh?

Oh well, I don’t really care and I’m hoping all you men will keep me company during my pregnancy, because I will be
here pretty much all the time and stuck so lets fuck!! hehe 🙂

I love taboo and also extreme taboo, I may be young but I’m pretty experienced for my age as I had to grow up quickly.
Yes, I’ve been on my own for awhile and doing what I had to do to get by and have a place to stay, even if that meant
doing some things I wasn’t so proud of and maybe that’s why baby daddy took off, not thinking the baby is his and all.

I’m even more horny now that I am pregnant, it seems my hormones are going crazy and making my pussy horny and wet all
the damn time !

Now that I am showing alot more it seems alot of men are looking at me, especially when I go to the lake and rub sunscreen
on my belly and body, I think they are getting hard and fucking horny for me and my baby belly, what do you guys think??

Well, lets have some fun and remember I am a no limits Barely Legal phone sex slut now and do it all. I don’t
think there isn’t anything I will say no to, just ask about how I had been getting through life before I got myself Knocked Up phone sex,
you may be a little shocked or maybe not! 🙂

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