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aimee0Do you have extremely kinky and nasty fantasies you think about all the time? Do weird, nasty, dirty and even tasty sexual desires fill your dreams at night and throughout the day at work? Well you are not alone because I have the dirtiest imagination of any Extreme Fetish phone sex girl you will ever talk too. I have trained dogs to worship and pleasure me as well as done some hot and heavy K-9 phone sex oral play and even sucked off my neighbor’s doggie cock. I am totally in love with the soft, wet, long and warm tongue that a dog has and love it when I get my puppy to lick and suck the peanut butter off of my swollen clit.

Some of my other nasty desires are Toilet Play phone sex fun and golden showers. I am totally obsessed with the taste of piss and love the warm sensation I feel when a guy stands over me with a cock full of warm pee and starts spraying it all over my face. One time I totally had a guy soak my hair with his piss and I let it dry in my hair so I could walk around smelling like him.

If you are reading this and getting hard because you think like I do then I know you will totally love talking to me. If I was there right now with you I am the type of cum slut that would fuck and suck you all night long for my enjoyment. After you shoot your load down my throat I would savor the taste of your cum on my tongue and then spit it back into your mouth so we could share. Of course your cum is not the only thing I enjoy tasting. I love how I taste as well and sweet and juicy cum that drips out of me. I know you wanna share my pussy with me. Call me and let’s play…

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